First Meeting of the 3rd District

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID)-NYS


















1972 - The First Meeting

The first meeting of the 3rd District Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID)-NYS (as it was then named) was called to order by Mario Illi, the first director, on September 22, 1972 at St. Lucy’s Church Rectory.  The assistant director was Arthur Holley and secretary-treasurer was Darlene Clark.

In Attendance:

    Caryl Ayling Angelo & Lorraine Coppola, Sr Michael & Bea Murphy
    Jeff Berman Art Holley Walter Rholin
    Darlene Clark Mario Illi Pam Ryan
    Marjorie Clere Joanne Jackowski Carlton B. Strail
    Angelo Coppola, Jr. Billy Mills Ruth Trainer

Highlights of the Meeting:

·       The need to adequately train interpreters in specific areas, such as legal, religious and educational settings, was  brought up.

·       At that time there were 140 members of the state RID. 

·       Pamphlets from the national RID were available too expensive to print:  $ 0.05 each.

·       The Treasurer’s Report showed a balance of $ 7.25.

·       A motion was made that both regular and associate members pay $ 0.25 per month.

·       Note:  Carlton B. Strail served as Parliamentarian throughout most of CNYRID’s existence.


1972 - The Second Meeting

Marjorie Clere passed the requirements in evaluation.  She had received the Comprehensive Skills Certificate in Memphis, where the evaluations took place.  At this time, there were three interpreters certified by the national RID.



Angelo P. Coppola of Syracuse, NY earned his CSC in Rochester



The May minutes mentioned the establishment of the Deaf Education Action Force Committee, a group to include parents of Deaf children, interested parties, and Deaf community members.  This committee was chaired by Carlton B. Strail.  The minutes first mentioned Deaf Awareness Week in our area.



There was a meeting to reorganize the State RID to form the NYSRID, which would have a board of six voting members, one from each of the Service Areas:  Western NY, North Country, Southern Tier, Genesee Valley, and CNY.  Carlton B. Strail served as temporary executive director.



The CNYRID, originally known as the 3rd District RID-NYS, later became known as RID-NYS,  then Central New York Council of RID before taking its current name. 



  •  The first interpreted Mass at St. Lucy’s Church….

  •  When the law prohibited Deaf teachers in Syracuse!

  •  When Closed Captioning became an option for Channel 9 news!

  •  When Marj Clere was asked to interpret for President Nixon’s State of the Union address and later was notified that ABC Network attorneys said it was illegal to have an interpreter added to Nixon’s TV picture!

  •  When there was a letter-writing campaign to ask NYS to license Hearing aid dealers…

  •  The Silent Weekend at Thornfield Conference Center…

  •  The Drama Club…and the Sign Caroleers!

  •  Signing Santa and the Elves!

  •  Locally interpreted TV programs…

  •  Interpreters on the Jan Gibson Show “Woman on the Go”

  • “Meet Your Doctor” and “Meet Your Lawyer”…

  •  The proposed bill for NYS Interpreter Licensing in 1981…

  •  RID pens, notebooks, ILY pins, T-shirts and bumper stickers!!

  •  Don’t forget the tote bags!!

  •  The CNYRID 25th Anniversary Celebration just 11 years ago!